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May 19 2018

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“Take On Me” by A-ha (1984)


Meghan really got a black ass bishop to quote MLK at this wedding AND a black ass choir to sing god bless this day


randomly complimenting people is great. what did it cost u? nothing. and u probably made their day.

May 14 2018


Vote yes for the women and girls who were sent away to the laundries and mother and baby homes. Vote yes for the young girl who was raped and told she was being sent to England for an abortion by the hse but was instead institutionalised.

Vote yes for the women who’s babies are dying or already dead inside them. Vote yes for the women who’s babies are killing them by still being alive. Vote yes for the women or girl who is carrying her rapists child. Vote yes for the women who have no option.

Vote yes for the women who have already been affected by this amendment. Vote yes for the women who have suffered because of this amendment. Vote yes for the grieving husbands, children and families of the women who have died because of it.

Vote yes for all the women who have already travelled on boats and planes to the uk and other countries. Vote yes for the young student who can barely afford to keep a roof over her head never mind fend for a child.

Vote yes for the 9 women who sit on a plane or a boat everyday to travel for an abortion, and the 3 who take abortion pills at home illegally everyday. Vote yes for the women who try to induce miscarriage because they can’t afford to travel or buy pills and are so desperate

Vote yes for the suicidal teenage girl. Vote yes for the women who have been silenced and made to feel ashamed for their actions for years. Vote yes for those who need it.

Vote yes for healthcare. Vote yes for compassion and understanding. Vote yes for your mothers, wives, daughters, partners, friends and women all over Ireland. Vote yes to trust in women. But most importantly vote yes for choice, to #repealthe8th

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To anyone who is unsure about the upcoming referendum, please take five minutes out of your day to read some of the many stories from Irish women denied the right to choose in their own country.


May 13 2018

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This is the best thing I’ve seen today. Hope to live to see the day when every parent is as accepting as this


illiterate dairy maid in 1750, hundreds of years before germ theory was even thought of: because of my exposure to cowpox, im immune to smallpox. if we expose people to cowpox, they won’t die of smallpox

upper middle class college educated mother with internet living in the year of our lord 2018: vaccines are the devils handiwork and a conspiracy i’d rather my child die of polio than be the autism


I’m a lesbian and it feels amazing. it feels good to accept myself and love that I love women. I feel at home in my skin.



dont u hate it when its nine in the afternoon but ur eyes are just normal sized

I’ve seen this post three times on my dash and i still cant fucking figure out what it means is it like some secret code. are 22,000+ of you in a secret society????? what the fuck is going on?????

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In the spring, we finally bloom 💐
(Honestly I love these and couldn’t wait to post them!)

May 12 2018

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No offense, but every fandom post on my dash feels so unnecessary. It’s Eurovision, you guys, have some respect.


Your country and your neighbours for the nex hour:


Portugal hosting eurovision: this year there will be no led screens so the focus will be on the music :) 

Finland: *straps their fucking singer to a spinning wheel*

Europe at the moment:

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May 11 2018

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What the fuck they’re two years old


This is exactly what I was talking about the other day. It’s not even just the bizarre urge to sexualize children, it’s that they’re sexualized with the explicit purpose of then policing their hypothetical sexuality. Little girls have sexuality forced on them for the sole purpose of teaching them that sexuality is meant to be shameful.

^this is a great point

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literally everyone is coming for dj khaled

not his wife

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