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July 16 2017


Str8 folks are always gonna say you’re making too big a deal of your sexuality they see any reminder that they aren’t the default as excessive. So you might as well assert yourself as often and obnoxiously as possible.

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Throwback to this iconic tweet

Like, your mother wasn’t enough?

Like women being humans and that alone should be enough you mean?

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a pleasant thought: gay grandparents will soon be commonplace

July 15 2017

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I want this on my tombstone

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July 14 2017

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this is all i want for christmas this year

What…. what is this….

A millennium item


Why study for exams when you can deduce the answers based on context clues from other questions and then use those answers to provide you with even more context clues for even more questions in an hour-long stress-fueled Professor Layton-esque logic puzzle extravaganza of future-hinging doom.


how to not let every single thing break my heart? asking for a friend


find someone who knows you’re not perfect but treats you like you are

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You would not believe your knees


If 10 million bumble bees

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*calls 911* hey, you guys know a lot of drug dealers. Do you know where I can get weed


Concept: a website like Netflix but for professionally filmed broadway/west end musicals

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July 12 2017

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